Boxing Reflex Ball

Enhance your reflex and improve hand eye coordination

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Love this set up! It's a little difficult to get used to at first, but as long as you start with the black ball, and start with small punches, (think tapping it with your fists) until you get the rhythm, you should progress quickly. After just under a week, I've progressed to the red ball. The headband adjusts well, it fits me without issue and I have a pretty large head. The material for the balls is soft and spongy so while it can come back and hit you, it's soft enough that it doesn't hurt.


Super fun to use and it’s hard to put down once you get started (I train Muay Thai btw)


Everything is awesome! Honestly it tells you everything in the description and in my honest opinion, it's worth it. My one twos have improved and it kinda reduced my flinching for my punches


now you can follow your dream as a human paddle or a very large cat

Macy A.

This thing is a lot of fun. I work from home and I don't get enough exercise... this is a fun way to get my blood pumping a little bit, and get me focused.

Jon D Stallings

I happened to see the reflex balls when searching items related to boxing for my son who is a boxing fan and loves boxing in the gym. When telling him about it, he said he would like to give it a try... Long story short, he likes it a lot since he received it. It's worth the buy and I like the labeling on the head band better than others cuz it is an exercising for "BOXING" after all☺


Bought this as a gift for my boyfriend who loves MMA. He's obsessed. Takes it everywhere with him. It didn't take him long to get used to it. It's great that there are two types of balls and that the cord is adjustable. The headband stays where it should. If he finds a way to break it or lose it I'll definitely​ be buying another one.

Courtney Guiley

It is exactly what you expect. A cat toy for humans. With practice you get better at punching the ball but i can't say the technique translates to the bag. It's similar to a jab but i tend to automatically pull my punches a bit. If you alternate left right you square off to your target instead of taking a right or southpaw stance.


Fun for all ages. Good workout without noticing your working out. Hand eye coordination seems to be improving with practice...

Joshua Holder